Registration Forms

Below is a portal which will allow a designated business to apply for registration.

In order to register, a representative of the business must create an account as a “Site Admin”. Once an account has been established the applicant may login and add persons to be a Reporter, a Signatory and a Specified Person. A single person may hold any of these roles as the Site Admin allows (such as a Sole Trader).

  • Site Admin – Can create a new business to apply for registration
  • Reporter – May complete a business details form and a risk assessment form.
  • Specified Person – May complete a specified person questionnaire about themselves (each person can only see specified person forms they have created)
  • Signatory – May only authorise (or reject) the business details form, risk assessment and each of the specified person form submitted. The Signatory may also submit the entire application to the Authority for consideration. (Note that the signatory can see all forms linked to a business).

As noted above, a single person may hold multiple roles above (eg a reporter and a specified person)

Once a person has been assigned a reporter role and a specified person role they will be presented with 3 forms which must be submitted to create the application:

Demonstrating Fitness and Propriety

Designated Businesses should take reasonable measures to satisfy themselves that Specified Persons associated with the business are fit and proper. Below are some suggested methods to demonstrate that you are satisfied with the fitness and propriety of your Specified Persons, it is important to document the relevant approach taken by the business:

  • Incorporated firms may wish to consider undertaking Disclosure Barring Service Checks, Basic Checks or Access NI Checks for Specified Persons, alternatively the business can contact the Isle of Man Vetting Bureau for advice – these checks will provide a varying amount of detail relating to an individual’s criminal background, to assess which check is the right one for your business please visit the relevant websites for more information; or
  • If a Designated Business is satisfied that the Specified Person is fit and proper and one of the checks above does not add value, then the business should set out any reasonable steps taken to demonstrate that the Specified Person is fit and proper.

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