Insurance Framework

As explained in more detail on the ‘Regulatory Developments’ page the Authority is committed to implementing and maintaining a robust and up to date insurance supervisory framework appropriate to the Island’s insurance businesses.

The Island’s reputation as a well-regulated and internationally responsible jurisdiction is of vital importance to maintain consumer confidence and therefore market share.

The international standards applicable to effective insurance supervision are the Insurance Core Principles (‘ICPs’) issued by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (‘IAIS’).

The IAIS substantially updated its ICPs in October 2011 in response to developments in insurance markets and supervision since they were last reviewed in 2003. One of the most significant developments over this period was, of course, the global economic crisis which started to manifest itself in 2007. As such, the ICPs emphasise the need for insurers and regulators to understand the nature and degree of risks assumed and provide for them appropriately, thus addressing financial stability concerns with the ultimate aim of protecting the interests of policyholders, beneficiaries and claimants.

The October 2011 update prompted a comprehensive review of the Isle of Man’s existing regulatory framework for insurance, whereby the Authority carried out a gap analysis to compare the updated ICP provisions with the Island’s current framework for the regulation and supervision of insurance business, including general insurance intermediation. Given the degree to which standards have developed since 2003, it is unsurprising that the Isle of Man (like many jurisdictions) identified a number of areas where its framework would need to be amended to maintain its policy of a high level of observance with the ICPs.

Roadmap for updating the Isle of Man’s regulatory framework for insurance business

A fundamental aspect of the new framework is a more fully articulated, risk-based capital and solvency regime. The concept of risk-based capital is not new to the Island’s insurance sector, and is already contained within the provisions of the Authority’s Corporate Governance Code of Practice for Regulated Insurance Entities (“CGC”). However, the new framework expands significantly on this concept using more detailed implementation measures which require insurers to calculate regulatory capital using a new risk reflective solvency and capital model.

Further details of the Authority’s development approach in relation to the future capital adequacy and solvency requirements under the Island’s new insurance framework, together with information of other key work streams can be found in the Authority’s ‘Roadmap for updating the Isle of Man's regulatory framework for insurance business'.

Documents in respect of the ICP project

Details of consultations, discussion documents, focus letters and quantitative impact studies (QIS) which the Authority will issue during 2018 are available on this web page and are set out in the tables below. These details are updated on an ongoing basis to reflect developments in the project.

In addition to those documents, in accordance with the Authority's commitment to periodically update the Roadmap, first issued in June 2013, a link to the January 2018 Roadmap can be found at the bottom of this page. The updated Roadmap provides regulated entities and other interested parties with information on progress made to date.

Please note that the table does not include details of any Authority consultation exercises that are not directly linked to this project. Those will continue to be made available on the Consultations page of this website and will be notified to interested parties separately.

Documents to be issued during 2018
Topic Description  Type of document  Target audience Current anticipated date in 2018
General insurance intermediation Consultation on ancillary and cross border business Consultation General Insurance Intermediaries End Q1
Non-life risk based capital Instructions for QIS5 Consultation Non-life insurers Mid 2018
Regulations for group supervision Regulations for all group requirements Consultation “Designated” insurers Q3
Insurance Regulations To include new reporting requirements for non-life insurance Consultation All insurers Q4
Public disclosure Possible approaches to public disclosure requirements Consultation All insurers H2

Please note that the above dates are provisional and could change depending on developing circumstances.

Keeping informed

Consultation documents

The principal objective of a consultation document is to explain and set out the Authority's proposals in respect of its intended regulatory approach and/or draft legislation, in order to seek interested parties' views before the intended approach is implemented and/or draft provisions are finalised.

Such documents have a more formal status than discussion documents, focus letters and other discussions (see below), and stakeholders' feedback (and the Authority's response to such feedback) will be published on the Authority's web-site.

It should be noted that, in order to be considered in respect of a consultation, any responses made previously in relation to discussion documents, focus letters or other discussions should be resubmitted in accordance with the consultation document.

Discussion documents

By their nature, discussion documents may raise matters about which the Authority has not yet reached a firm view as to how they should be incorporated within the updated framework, if at all.

Any views or information obtained in this way may be published but will not identify any particular contributor or be presented in a way that could lead to the identification of any particular contributor.

Focus letters

Where considered appropriate, the Authority may write letters to relevant people or organisations inviting their input in relation to particular issues potentially affecting them.

Focus letters may be used, for example, to inform the Authority's approach in ensuring proportionality and carrying out effective impact analysis in particular business areas.

Any views or information obtained in this way will not ordinarily be published. If for any reason views or information are published, the publication will not identify any particular contributor or be presented in a way which could lead to the identification of any particular contributor.

Other means

In addition to the above, the Authority is always be ready to discuss relevant issues with its regulated entities and other stakeholders on an individual basis and it will continue to meet with industry and other representative bodies to debate matters of interest.

Record of consultations and publications in connection with the work to update the Isle of Man's regulatory framework for insurance business

Topic  Documents issued  Type of document  Date issued
Valuation and Capital Adequacy DP14-01 - The Valuation of Assets and Liabilities for solvency purposes Discussion paper 30 April 2014
  TS14-01 - Draft technical specification Technical specification 30 April 2014
  CP14-04 - Valuation and Capital Adequacy for long term assurance Consultation paper 31 July 2014
  TS14-04 - Proposed technical specification to form the basis of QIS1 Technical specification 31 July 2014
  CP14-04 & TS14-04 - Response to consultation feedback Feedback 30 Sept 2014
Conduct of business DP14-05 - Conduct of business Discussion paper 29 July 2014
  DP14-05 - Feedback on response to DP14-05 Feedback 12 Dec 2014
  CP15-02 – Conduct of business Consultation paper 24 July 2015
  Summary of responses to CP15-02 Feedback 7 July 2016
Quantitative Impact Study 1 Launch of QIS1 Instructions 30 Sept 2014
  Updated technical specification for QIS1 Technical specification 30 Sept 2014
  Feedback to participants in QIS1 Feedback 6 Aug 2015
ERM, Internal Models and Operational Risk DP14-09 - Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Models and Operational Risk for life insurers Discussion paper 23 Dec 2014
  DP14-09 – Feedback on response to DP14-09 Feedback 24 July 2015
Insurance (Amendment) Bill 2016 CP15-05 – Insurance (Amendment) Bill 2016 consultation Consultation paper 30 Sept 2015
Quantitative Impact Study 2 CP15-06 – Launch of QIS2 for long term assurance Consultation paper etc 2 Oct 2015
Quantitative Impact Study 2 CP15-07 – Launch of QIS2 for non-life insurance Consultation paper etc 30 Oct 2015
Group Supervision DP16-02 – Group supervision discussion paper and request for information Discussion paper 29 April 2016
Conflicts of Interest – Life Insurers DP16-03 – Managing conflicts of interest in the insurance sales process (Long-term insurance) Consultation paper 7 July 2016
Quantitative Impact Study 3 CP16-04 – Launch of QIS3 for non-life insurance Consultation paper etc 1 Sept 2016
Quantitative Impact Study 3 (life insurers) CP16-05 – Launch of QIS3 for life insurance Consultation paper etc 4 Oct 2016
Quantitative Impact Study 4 (life insurers) CP17-03/T04 – Launch of QIS4 for life insurance Consultation paper etc 7 April 2017
Insurance (Amendment) Bill 2016 CP16-06 – 2nd consultation Consultation paper 30 Sept 2016
Insurance Intermediaries DP16-07 – General insurance intermediation Discussion paper 28 Oct 2016
Conduct of Business (non-life insurance) CP17-01-T01 – Conduct of Business Requirements for non-life insurance business Consultation 31 Jan 2017
Insurance (Conduct of Business) (Long Term Business Code) CP17-05/T06 – Conduct of Business Code for life insurance business Consultation 5 May 2017
Valuation and Capital Adequacy – Quantitative Impact Study 4 for non-life insurers CP17-10/T11 Consultation 30 August 2017
General Insurance Intermediation CP17-07/T08 Consultation 28 July 2017
Governance/ERM CP17-10/T11 Consultation 30 August 2017
Group supervision CP17-12/T13 Consultation 9 October 2017
Conduct of Business – non-life insurance CP17-11/T01 Consultation 14 November 2017
Regulations for risk based capital for life insurance CP17-15/T12 Consultation 12 December 2017
Insurance Regulations 2018 CP17-14/T15 Consultation 12 December 2017

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