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This area of the website contains searchable registers of entities regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

It also contains details of former regulated entities that have been regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority under the Financial Services Act 2008.  

The Register page contains details on the following business types:

  • Entities regulated under the Financial Services Act 2008.
  • Entities regulated under the Insurance Act 2008.
  • Professional retirement benefits schemes administrators registered under the Retirement Benefits Schemes Act 2000.
  • Schemes subject to Isle of Man regulations (Authorised Schemes and all types of International Schemes) and Recognised Schemes. It does not cover other schemes including Exempt Schemes and schemes established outside the Isle of Man which are not Recognised Schemes.
  • Entities registered under the Designated Businesses (Registration & Oversight) Act 2015.

The registers are searchable by the current name or the trading name of the regulated entity. Type in the name, or part of the name of a regulated entity and click “search”. You can also check for previous names by using the Companies Registry Public View site.

For entities regulated under the Financial Services Act 2008, the online register is the statutory public record. For entities etc regulated under the Insurance Act 2008, the Collective Investment Schemes Act 2008 and the Retirement Benefit Schemes Act 2000, the statutory public registers are available from the Authority, but the online record summarises this content. For Schemes that are no longer active the register is available from the Authority, and information can be obtained from the Fund Services Team by email at

In accordance with regulation 5(a) of the Financial Services (Register of Permitted Persons) Regulations 2011, the Authority has made available a Register of classes of persons who are exempt from section 4 of the Financial Services Act 2008 to be read in conjunction with the Financial Services (Exemptions) Regulations 2011.