Supervisory Methodology

Supervisory Methodology Framework:

The Supervisory Methodology Framework, which is available to view here, sets our approach to supervising the Island’s financial sector.

The framework document sets out how we carry out our role in practice, highlighting the four core elements that underpin the supervisory approach – supervisory structure, risk-based supervision, supervisory activity, and governance.

The document is designed to help firms and the wider marketplace understand how we supervise, and to aid accountability.


Inspections Methodology:

The Inspections guidance, which is available to view here, provides an overview of how firms are selected for an inspection and what they can expect during the different stages of the inspections process.

The guidance is intended to promote transparency by providing firms with typical timelines and an understanding of what happens during each phase of an inspection,  as well as outlining the expectations of the firm and the Authority throughout the process.

It also sets out the requirement for firms to produce a remediation plan (where appropriate) to explain how and when they will address any observations and conclusions arising from an inspection.