Attempts to Gain Foreign Account Holders' Details

Attempts have been brought to the Commission’s attention, to gain foreign account holders’ personal details, along with specimen signatures, for criminal use.

The Isle of Man’s Financial Crime Unit are investigating a case involving letters being sent to a bank’s foreign customers, requesting that they complete a form with their personal details and fax it, supposedly to the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. The fax number quoted merely relays the fax on to other unknown telephone numbers. The letter was written on forged headed notepaper showing an almost exact logo used by the bank, whilst the contents and signatory were fictitious. Copies of both the letter and the form are attached for your information.

It is not known how the persons involved obtained the account holders address details at this stage; possibly through the interception of mail. Nor is it known how widespread this type of fraud is. Obviously with the information requested a number of frauds could then be enacted.

Licenceholders are advised to be vigilant and take whatever steps are necessary within their organisation to try and combat this type of fraud. Any suspicions of similar letters being sent to your clients, should be reported to DC Lynne McAvoy at the Financial Crime Unit (tel: +44 1624 686000) as soon as possible.