Continental Financial Trust

This notice is issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (“The Commission”) in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Section 22 of the Financial Supervision Act 1988

In May 2002 the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada (OFSI) issued a Warning Notice concerning entities claiming links with Canada which are not authorized Canadian banks or financial institutions. OSFI also warn that the listed institutions may be part of various advance fee scams.

The listed institutions are:

Continental Financial Trust - 191, Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 2V8
Continental Trust Bank of Canada - 123, Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Global Banking and Security Canada - PO Box 1087, Station B, Toronto, Ontario M5W 2R4
International Investment Banking Corporation - (

The Commission is drawing attention to the list in order to assist the due diligence process of any of its licenceholders which may have dealings with these entities.

A full list of entities of Warning Circulars, Notices or Advisories issued by OSFI is available on their web site.

Persons having queries regarding the Notice issued by OSFI may contact the OSFI Compliance Division by telephoning +1 416 973 6117 or by email to:

Licenceholders having any queries regarding this Commission Public Notice may address them to the Commission’s Enforcement Division on +44 1624 689313 or by email to