Premier International Cash Card / PICC /

This notice is issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (“the Commission”) in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Section 22 of the Financial Supervision Act 1988.

Premier International Cash Card (“PICC”)

The activities of PICC on the website have been brought to the attention of the Commission. The website registrant details are Monica Cook, 123 Anystreet, Anytown, NA 12345, USA.

The website offers to issue anonymous debit cards for a fee of approximately $30. PICC purports to have an office at 55 Frederick Street, PO Box CB 13039, Nassau, Bahamas.

The website attempts to create the impression that PICC has a close relationship with, or is part of the same financial services group as, Singer & Friedlander, which is a legitimate financial services group with operations on the Isle of Man. Singer & Friedlander hold licences issued by the Commission to conduct banking, investment business and corporate service provider business.

Singer & Friedlander have stressed that they have no connection with or knowledge of PICC.

The patently fictitious website registrant address, allied to the absence of any relationship with Singer & Friedlander, is cause for concern. The Commission would urge any person considering doing business with PICC to exercise caution before proceeding, bearing in mind the content of this Public Notice.

Any persons with any concerns about PICC should contact the Enforcement Division on +44 1624 689312 or by email to