IDS International Diplomatic Security

This notice is issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (“The Commission”) in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Section 22 of the Financial Supervision Act 1988.

IDS International Diplomatic Security

The Financial Supervision Commission have been made aware of an approach having been made to a foreign national to become involved in a financial transaction that will create a 30% benefit to them.

It appears that a party to this activity claims to be an entity styled IDS International Diplomatic Security that is using the address 62 Garric House, Circular Road, Douglas, Isle of Man.

IDS International Diplomatic Security is not a company incorporated within the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. It is not registered as a foreign company having established a place of business on the Isle of Man. It is not registered as a business name on the Isle of Man.

The Commission has been unable to establish any genuine link between IDS International Diplomatic Security and the Isle of Man.

Neither the telephone nor facsimile number provided are Isle of Man numbers and appear to be issued by United Kingdom telecommunication providers.

Enquiries carried out by the Commission have established that 62 Circular Road, Douglas, Isle of Man is not a valid address.

There is no property on Circular Road, Douglas, Isle of Man that has the title or name Garric House. Under the circumstances the Commission would strongly urge persons considering dealing with this entity to exercise the greatest possible caution before proceeding, bearing in mind the content of this public notice. Persons having paid funds should contact their local Police Fraud Unit.