This notice is issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (“the Commission”) in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Section 22 of the Financial Supervision Act 1988.

The Commission has become aware of the websites represented by the above URLs.

The above aforementioned websites falsely purport to represent the genuine Isle of Man institution Alliance & Leicester International Limited.

Extensive enquiries carried out by the Commission have established that the aforementioned websites have not been published with by or with the authority or consent of the genuine Alliance & Leicester International Limited.

The genuine Alliance & Leicester International Limited is the holder of a Banking Licence issued by the Commission.

A list of all institutions licensed by the Commission is available on our website.

The website of the genuine Alliance & Leicester International Limited.

Customers of several Isle of Man and UK banks have recently been the target of a fraud which uses fake emails to encourage customers to enter their account number, security or other personal details into a counterfeit copy of their website.

The genuine Alliance & Leicester International Limited would not send you an email asking you to enter such details. In addition they would not ask you to tell them your password by email.

If you think you may have unwittingly divulged your bank security details in any way, or if you receive any suspicious looking emails, please contact your bank, using details that you know to be accurate, as soon as possible.

Under the circumstances, the Commission would strongly urge that persons instructed to visit or otherwise visiting the websites or, for any reason, exercise the greatest possible caution before proceeding with any purported transactions or entering any personal data, bearing in mind the contents of this public notice.

Any persons who are already involved in any dealings resulting from visits to those website and who have concerns should contact the Enforcement Division on +44 1624 689313 or by email to

Any persons who have paid funds away in relation to contact with the aforementioned websites or should consider reporting matters to their local Police Fraud Unit without delay

FSC Reference: JPM/51/2006