Sigma Forex/

The Financial Supervision Commission has become aware of the above website associated to the entity, Sigma Forex.

On the above website it states, “Sigma keeps also a high degree of compliance with the following regulative authorities…”, and then contains a link to, inter alia, the Financial Supervision Commission’s own website, this could imply that the above entity complies with Isle of Man regulations or has some connection with the Isle of Man.

The Commission wishes to draw attention to the following observations:

The above entity is not a company incorporated within the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. It is not registered as a foreign company having established a place of business on the Isle of Man. It is not registered as a business name on the Isle of Man.

The above entity is not, nor ever has been, licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission to undertake any regulated activities in, on or from the Isle of Man.

A list of all institutions licensed by the Commission is available on our website.

The Commission has been unable to establish any genuine connection between the above entity and the Isle of Man.

FSC Reference: CD/23/2009