This notice is issued by the Financial Supervision Commission (“the Commission”) in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Section 30 of the Financial Services Act 2008. – Autoparks Plc – IoofmaUsedCar Plc – CarsDirect Plc – IomUsedCars Plc

The Commission has become aware of the above listed websites and companies.

All of the sites purport to offer motor vehicles for sale. Text and pictures used on these websites appear to have been copied, without authority, from the websites of genuine car dealing companies.

Within the text of the above listed websites, there is the suggestion that they represent companies located in the Isle of Man using addresses in Castlemona Avenue, Prospect Terrace, Kingswood Grove in Douglas and the Isle of Man Business Park in Braddan, Isle of Man. Whilst these are genuine addresses in the Isle of Man, there is no trace of companies by these names operating from there.

No companies by these names are incorporated in the Isle of Man.

It should be noted that there are a large number of what appear to be false testimonies extolling the virtues of the above named entities listed on the internet. Care should be taken with the validity and worth of these postings.

Under the circumstances the Commission feels that any approach relating to the above websites may be an attempt at persuading the viewer to part with money for non existing motor vehicles,


Is an attempt at gaining personal data from the recipient in order to steal their identity – see explanatory notice issued by the Commission at:

Also see information issued by the Isle of Man Office of the Data Protection Supervisor at:

Under all the circumstances the Commission would discourage people from having any contact with the above named entities.

Any persons who are already involved in dealings with the purported entities and have concerns should contact the Enforcement Division on +44 1624 689311 or by email to

Any persons who have paid out funds to the above purported entities or supplied personal or financial details to them should consider contacting their local police fraud unit without delay.

FSC reference: NDR/002/2011