Alternative Banking Regime – further information

Further to the Authority’s press release about the introduction of the Alternative Banking Regime on 1 August, we would like to confirm that the following documents were published:


Regulated Activities Order (as amended 2016)

Financial Services (Exemptions) Regulations (as amended 2016)

Financial Services (Fees) Order 2016

Depositors’ Compensation Regulations 2010


Licensing Policy for Regulated Activities under the Financial Services Act 2008


Licence Application Form (Word) (not Class 1(3))

Representative Office licence application form (Class 1(3) only)


These new / updated documents all appear in the relevant locations on the Authority’s website.

The Deposit Taking Handbook contains further information and guidance, including the standard licence conditions for Class 1(2) licenceholders and guidance for Class 1(3) licenceholders, and this Handbook will be further updated in due course.