MONEYVAL Onsite Assessment 2016

The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”) wishes to draw your attention to a new page on the Authority’s website called “MONEYVAL Onsite Assessment 2016”. It can be found on the Authority’s homepage under the heading “Independent Assessment”.

The webpage provides background information regarding the onsite visit to be undertaken by MONEYVAL in April / May 2016, it also includes details of seminars that are going to be offered to professional bodies of financial and non-financial sectors prior to the onsite visit taking place. This webpage will be used in the run up to, and also after, the onsite visit to provide industry with any necessary updates regarding the assessment.

Please check back regularly for any updates to this webpage. Where there is a material development or update, such as the publication of the report, the Authority will issue a separate press statement / mail merge at the appropriate time.