Templeside Investments Limited


This notice is issued by the Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”) in accordance with the powers conferred upon it under Section 30 of the Financial Services Act 2008.

Templeside Investments Limited

The Authority has recently become aware that on two occasions purportedly bogus documentation has been used in business dealings concerning the issue of lending and borrowing agreements for high denominations in the name of Templeside Investments Limited (‘Templeside’).

There is a genuine Isle of Man company named Templeside Investments Limited. Their business does not include the issuance of any sort of loan or borrowing agreements and there is a concern that this genuine company is having details of its’ name and registered office used for potentially illicit purposes.

The purportedly fraudulent documentation seen by the Authority is signed off by a person representing themselves as James E Moore, as General Director of Templeside. The genuine officers of Templeside do not recognise this name as being linked in any way to the Isle of Man incorporated Templeside.

Details of all genuine companies incorporated in the Isle of Man can be found at;


Any persons who are already involved in any dealings with Templeside and have any concerns about the legitimacy of the company’s activities should satisfy themselves by contacting the genuine company at their registered office address which can be found using the above referenced search facility.

Anyone with general concerns concerning any individual or company holding themselves out as conducting a regulated activity in or from the Isle of Man without the requisite licence should contact the Enforcement Division at the Authority on +44 1624 689311 or by e-mail to info@iomfsa.im for advice.

FSC Reference: NR/02/2017