In the matter of the Companies Acts 1931 (as amended) and in the matter of The Eco Resources Fund PCC PLC company number 127199C (“THE COMPANY”)

Notice is hereby given that a Claim for the winding-up of the above named Company whose registered office is situate at First Names House, Victoria Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 4DF by the High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man was on the 17th day of February 2017 presented to the said Court by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority of Finch Hill House, Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1DT AND that the said Claim is directed to be heard before the Court sitting at the Isle of Man Courts of Justice, Deemsters Walk, Douglas on the 16 March 2017 at 10am (reference number CHP 17/0028) and any creditor or contributory of the said Company desirous to support or oppose the making of an order on the said Claim may appear at the time of the hearing in person or by his Advocate for that purpose; and a copy of the Claim Form will be furnished to any creditor or contributory of the said Company requiring the same by the below named Advocate on payment of the regulated charge for the same.

Walter Hugh Wannenburgh
Solicitor General
H.M. Attorney General’s Chambers
3rd Floor
Belgravia House
34-44 Circular Road
Isle of Man
Ref: WW/FSAU1.18

Note – Any person who intends to appear on the hearing of the said Claim must serve on or send by post to the above named, notice in writing of his intention to do so. The notice must state the name and address of the person, or, if a firm, the name and address of the firm, and must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their Advocate (if any), and must be served, or if posited must be sent by post in sufficient time to reach the above named not later than 6pm 15 March 2017.”