The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority public statement regarding unlicensed regulated activity

It has been 10 years since the introduction of the Financial Services Act 2008 (the ‘Act’) under which the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority ("the Authority") has the function of regulation and supervision of persons undertaking regulated activities in or from the Isle of Man.


The Authority will be conducting a pro-active initiative to identify persons conducting regulated activity without a relevant licence.


Some examples of regulated activity are as follows, by way of business:

  • Providing or arranging for premises for use as a registered office or accommodation address facilities for a company.
  • Acting as a Director or Secretary of a company.
  • Acting or arranging for another person to act as a nominee shareholder of a company.


A complete list of regulated activities as defined by the Regulated Activities Order 2011 can be found here.


Some people may be utilising exclusions or exemptions from the Act. Exclusions are set out within the Regulated Activities Order 2011 and exemptions are set out within the Financial Services (Exemptions) Regulations 2011, which can be found here.


Those unsure if they are carrying out regulated activities without the relevant licence should either seek independent legal advice or contact the Authority.