July 2019 Roadmap for updating the Isle of Man’s regulatory framework for insurance business

The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”) has today issued its July 2019 Roadmap for updating the Isle of Man's regulatory framework for insurance business.

The Roadmap was first issued in June 2013 to provide an overview of a significant update to the Isle of Man's insurance regulatory framework which is consistent with the Authority’s aims of ensuring that the Island has a proportionate and robust regime for the regulation and supervision of insurance business, as reflected in developments in relevant international standards.

The Authority is now pleased to issue the July 2019 Roadmap which provides regulated entities and other relevant stakeholders with information on progress over the past six months and looks ahead to significant work streams over the next year.

A copy of the complete Roadmap can be found here, and a copy of the summary Roadmap can be found here.