Cyber Security – Establishing an Information Sharing Community

The Isle of Man Government’s Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance (“OCSIA”) was established in October 2017. As part of its remit, OCSIA has published the Island’s National Cyber Security Strategy (“NCSS”).

More information on both OCSIA and the NCSS can be found at:

One of the principles of the NCSS is strong collaboration between the Government and Island businesses. OCSIA seeks to provide support and advice that will enable businesses, as well as the Island generally, to be more aware, secure and resilient when operating digitally and online.

Whilst competing organisations often operate in isolation, cyber security threats can impact entire sectors of the economy and appropriate sharing of information, in a secure and confidential environment, can help avoid or mitigate these threats.

OCSIA is now seeking to establish a network of organisations within the financial and professional services sectors with whom it can share intelligence, advice and warnings.

The intention is that this network, referred to as an “information sharing community”, will evolve over time. As an initial phase, OCSIA is asking interested organisations to nominate a single point of contact (“SPoC”), who will be the organisations’ conduit into the information sharing community. OCSIA will target advisory bulletins and warnings relevant to an organisation via its SPoC. In addition, OCSIA will introduce the SPoCs to a range of recognised advice and specialist intelligence sources.

The Authority, along with Finance Isle of Man, is supportive of OCSIA’s aim to establish the information sharing community and views this as a positive development for organisations’ risk awareness and risk management. The Authority encourages all regulated and registered entities to participate.

For any organisation wishing to join the information sharing community, please nominate a trusted member of staff to be the SPoC by sending the organisation’s name along with the member of staff’s full name, email address and contact number to OCSIA at Further information on the information sharing community can also be obtained via this email address.