Electronic Submissions of Returns - Reminder to Regulated Entities and Auditors

The Authority reminds Regulated Entities and Auditors of Regulated Entities that at this time all submissions to the Authority, including Annual Regulatory Reporting, Financial Resources Reporting, Audited Accounts and Audit Reports should be sent in electronic form.

The submission process remains:

  • documents should be submitted electronically in password protected PDF form with a password sent by separate cover
  • where documents would normally require wet signatures the Authority will accept scanned PDFs of the original signed document or an electronically signed document
  • Receipt of documents submitted electronically will be treated by the Authority as the date of receipt for legislative purposes.

Hard copy information should only be sent to the Authority where the Authority has requested the information to be submitted in hard copy.

The Authority would also remind Regulated Entities and Auditors of the press releases issued on

  • 7 April concerning Arrangements for Submission of Audited Financial Statements and Annual Compliance Returns and
  • 20 March which requested that returns be submitted in PDF form.