Financial Services Authority – Pandemic – Office Arrangements

The majority of Authority staff are now working from the Authority’s offices. The safety of staff remains our paramount concern and, should circumstances change, we will update our arrangements. 

  • If you are visiting our offices or meeting with our staff you should be aware that staff have been asked not to shake hands with others at this time.
  • Our reception is open to external parties, however we do ask that where possible external parties continue to contact us by phone and email, and that if you need to meet with Authority staff this should be arranged in advance;
  • If circumstances mean that a matter cannot be dealt with remotely it will be possible to arrange a meeting with Authority staff at our offices or a firm’s offices, subject to the following:
    • The subject matter of the meeting is such that a face to face meeting is necessary;
    • Appropriate precautions are in place at the meeting venue in accordance with any prevailing government guidance;
  • At this time we are not undertaking standard onsite supervisory inspections but will continue to undertake desk based inspections – this position will be kept under review;
  • We continue to ask that all correspondence and materials are sent in electronic form:
    • documents submitted electronically should be in encrypted PDF form with a password sent by separate cover, unless you are using our secure email solution (TLS). Those using TLS are expected to use the TLS system for all document submissions.
    • where documents would normally require wet signatures the Authority will accept PDFs and, on receipt, will advise if the original document should also be submitted for the file.
    • Receipt of a PDF will be treated as the date of receipt for legislative purposes.

This page will be updated as and when arrangements change.