@capital-ion.com (update from April 2019)

This statement is to warn members of the public against dealing with unauthorised financial service providers.


In April 2019 the Authority issued a public warning ref NR/01/2019 https://www.iomfsa.im/fsa-news/2019/apr/capital-ioncom/


This warning referred to a bogus email address being used, ending @capital-ion.com which closely duplicated the email address of a genuine Isle of Man company with the apparent intention of deceiving those they wished to communicate with.


The Authority have recently become aware that the genuine Isle of Man company have seen further use of the fraudulent email address being used in an apparent attempt to impersonate them and involve potentially innocent individuals into fraudulent investment opportunities.


The Authority wishes to reiterate its concerns about the potentially bogus email address being used


Any persons who are already involved in any dealings with the individuals using the aforementioned email address should consider notifying their local Police, bringing to their attention the contents of this notice.


Anyone with general concerns concerning any individual or company holding themselves out as conducting a regulated activity in or from the Isle of Man without the requisite licence should contact the Enforcement Division at the Authority on +44 1624 689311 or by e-mail to enforcement@iomfsa.im for advice.



Authority Reference:  NR/02/2024 – 25 April 2024