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Document Name File Type Size
FSA Annual Report 2019-2020 PDF 15MB
Summer 'Update' Newsletter - Issue 10 PDF 530.2KB
Winter 'Update' Newsletter - Issue 9 PDF 530.3KB
FSA Annual Report 2018-2019 PDF 26.3MB
Summer 'Update' Newsletter - Issue 8 PDF 399.2KB
Global Financial Innovation Network - Terms of Reference PDF 568.4KB
Winter 'Update' Newsletter - Issue 7 PDF 513.5KB
2018 Industry Survey – Full report PDF 17.9MB
2018 Industry Survey – Executive summary PDF 2MB
Action plan arising from the 2018 Industry Survey PDF 253.5KB
Isle of Man Financial Services Authority Strategic Plan 2018-2021 PDF 7.4MB
FSA Annual Report 2017-2018 PDF 14.9MB
Summer 'Update' Newsletter - Issue 6 PDF 473.3KB
Winter 'Update' Newsletter - Issue 5 PDF 546.9KB
FSA Annual Report 2016-2017 PDF 1.6MB