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Business Type

Name Trading/Business Name Business Type
Payroll Solutions Limited Designated Business
Peer Finance (IOM) PCC Limited Peer Finance (IOM) PCC Limited Designated Business
Pelagos Yachts Limited Designated Business
Pender Mutual Insurance Company Limited Authorised Insurer
Peter D. Lace Peter D.Lace Designated Business
Phildraw Properties Limited Phildraw Properties Limited Designated Business
Phoenix Insurance Brokers Limited General Insurance Business Intermediary
Pinnacle Book-Keeping Limited Designated Business
Piper Insurance Company Limited Authorised Insurer
Platinum Insurance (Isle of Man) Limited Platinum Insurance, Platinum Life Isle of Man General Insurance Business Intermediary
Polydora Limited Designated Business
PraxisIFM Trust Limited Corporate Services
Premier Tax Isle of Man Limited Premier Tax Isle of Man Limited Designated Business
Premium Selection UCITS ICAV Collective Investment Scheme - Schedule 4 - 1 Recognised Schemes
Prime Pay Solutions Limited Money Transmission Services
Pringle Law Limited Designated Business
Property Wise Limited propertywise.co.im Designated Business
ProSearch Limited ProSearch Limited Designated Business
PTS Limited Designated Business