World Investor Week 2020

Isle of Man World Investor Week 19 –  23 October 2020

World Investor Week is a yearly international event to raise awareness about the importance of investor education and investor protection.

During the week, individual investors, investment professionals, teachers, parents, researchers, and other interested individuals - as well as firms and regulators - are encouraged to make a special effort to promote investor education and, in particular, World Investor Week's key messages.

Key messages for World Investor Week

Investing Basics  - A smart investor:

  • Verifies that an investment professional is licensed
  • Conducts research on a product before investing
  • Assesses the impact of fees when choosing an investment
  • Understands that risk exists in all investments
  • Avoids "get rich quick" and "can't lose" schemes
  • Recognizes the power of compound interest
  • Recognizes the importance of diversification
  • Plans for and invests according to his/her future needs and goals
  • Recognizes the benefit of long-term, regular and diversified investment
  • Plans for life’s unexpected challenges and investing in uncertain times

ICOs, digital assets, and investing online - A smart investor:

  • Understands the risks that are associated with initial coin offerings and crypto-assets in general and is careful in deciding whether to invest in these products
  • Does not forget about the importance of due diligence when considering investments in online and digital environments
  • Recognizes the red flag warning signs of online investment fraud
  • Never invests based solely on a celebrity endorsement
  • Understands the methods in which legitimate firms receive money for investments

This year, the Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”) is using social media to promote the Key Messages and the Authority’s consumer information. We have also created short videos to reinforce the messages.

World Investor Week Facebook page

How to be a Smart Investor video

How to be a Smart Investor in Online and Digital Assets video

How to be a Smart Investor leaflet

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