Consumer Awareness

The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority ("the Authority") maintains registers of regulated entities. You can check this list to see whether the firm you are dealing with holds a licence from us.

Be aware

Advertisements, whether online or in the press, often appear for non-licenceholders or non-regulated products. Protect yourself by checking who you are dealing with and whether the service or product is regulated. The Authority regulates the providers of financial products and services, but (with the exception of some collective investment and retirement benefit schemes) it does not regulate products.

If you think someone is seeking to offer you financial products or services without a suitable licence, or outside the terms of their licence, please contact us:

Telphone:  +44 (0)1624 689314

Fax:   +44 (0)1624 689399

Email:  [email protected] .

We will be able to give you guidance on whether the person should be licensed by us or another body, or whether the financial product or service needs a licence.

If you are offered insurance or pensions products, further information on how the providers of these products are regulated is available here. Information on policyholder protection for insurance business is available here.

The Isle of Man has an ombudsman scheme, (which is a free, independent dispute resolution service), for some financial services.

For more information about how the Authority protects consumers please refer to the consumer leaflet (Booklet version / E Version)

For more information on specific topics expand the accordions below.

The Isle of Man also has a scheme to compensate investors in authorised collective investment schemes ("authorised schemes"). A summary of the cover provided by the ACISCS is as follows:

  • The ACISCS partially compensates you if the manager of an authorised scheme in which you have invested fails, and is unable to pay you when money is due to you according to the terms of the authorised scheme.

  • The ACISCS does not protect investors against the failure of an authorised scheme. However, it may provide compensation if the company that manages that authorised scheme defaults in its obligations to investors.

  • There is no time limit for payment of compensation and it may take many years for full payment to be made.

  • Compensation payable is as follows: 100% of the first £ 30,000 90% of the next £ 20,000 with a MAXIMUM Compensation of £48,000.

  • Compensation is paid out of levies collected from ‘authorised persons’ in the Isle of Man. There is no "standing fund" of compensation (i.e. money is not collected in advance). Therefore, you may have to wait some time for compensation to be paid, particularly if you have invested in a large scheme as there could be many people seeking compensation.

  • 'Authorised person' is defined in legislation and covers all authorised scheme managers, trustees and fiduciary custodians that are located in the Isle of Man. Authorised persons are FSA licenceholders that hold Class 3(1), (3) or (4) permissions relating to services to authorised schemes. However, some firms outside the Isle of Man are permitted to provide trustee/ fiduciary custodian services to authorised schemes, although such firms are not participants in the ACISCS and will not contribute levies towards the ACISCS.

    The legislation for the Isle of Man’s ACISCS can be found here.

The Isle of Man has a depositors’ compensation scheme (DCS) which may compensate you if a Class 1(1) bank in which you have deposited money fails. Note that deposits with a Class 1(2) bank are NOT protected by the DCS. Class 1(3) banks are not permitted to take deposits in the Isle of Man. Please read the DCS Regulations 2010 for full details of the 2010 DCS (in operation from 23 October 2010). Deposit compensation schemes in the UK, Ireland or elsewhere do not cover deposits with banks or building societies in the Isle of Man.

Please click on the following links for further information:

Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander (Isle of Man) Limited (in liquidation) ("KSF")

Information in relation to the depositors compensation scheme for KSF can be accessed here.

Information in relation to the liquidation of KSF can be found here.

If you are unhappy with a financial product or service provided by an entity which is regulated by the Authority you can complain to the relevant entity.  It is important to note that the Authority’s role is not to investigate individual complaints but to supervise the regulated sector.  However, all of the entities that we regulate will have procedures in place to address complaints.

Our guidance explains what you can do, your options and the role of the Authority.

The Isle of Man also has provisions under the Employment Act 2006 to protect whistleblowers, as shown in the Isle of Man Government’s A Brief Guide to Whistleblowing.  Further information can be found here.

For complaints about the way in which the Authority has carried out or failed to carry out its role please click here.


  • This guidance has been published by the Authority on 21 December 2017.
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This guidance has been published by the Authority on 9 March 2018.

This press release was published on 2 October 2014 by the previous regulatory body the Financial Supervision Commission.

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