AML/CFT – Statistical Returns

Amended reporting template and associated guidance now available


An amended reporting template, with associated guidance, for the reporting period ended 31 December 2022 is now available for regulated entities and designated businesses to complete. 


The template and guidance is also available from the Authority’s website at AML/CFT Requirements and Guidance (in the “statistical returns” tab).


Submission deadline


Completed returns should be submitted by 30 June 2023, to


Summary of main changes to the return


  • Previously, regulated entities and designated businesses (together, “firms”) completed separate returns. Going forward, there is one return that applies to all firms, to help simplify the process and standardise the data requests where possible.
  • The return has been redesigned so that more tabs are common, and thus applicable to all firms; this may mean some firms now submit additional information (mostly in the form of drop down responses).
  • Sector specific tabs now focus mostly on customer base information. In this respect, all designated businesses complete the same customer information tab (there is no longer a separate tab for legal services).
  • Information in connection with firms’ exposures to PEPs has been expanded.
  • Information pertaining to disclosures, blocked/frozen accounts, declined/terminated business, and screening activity, has been separated out to better differentiate between ML, TF and Sanctions.




Any queries should be sent to