World Investor Week 2022

World Investor Week is a global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of investor education and protection.

The initiative is promoted by the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and this year’s themes focus on investor resilience and sustainable finance.

The Authority is once again supporting World Investor Week by reinforcing the key messages via its engagement and outreach.

This work forms part of the Authority’s efforts to protect consumers, reduce financial crime and maintain confidence in the financial services sector.

Key messages for World Investor Week 2022

Investor resilience. A smart investor:

  • Weathers negative financial shocks with an adequate emergency fund
  • Understands that risk exists in all investments
  • Recognises the importance of diversification, especially with respect to protecting investments from losses from a single, unexpected event
  • Plans for life’s unexpected challenges with budgeting strategies to manage risk, reduce the impact of inflation, and avoid high interest debt
  • Focuses on the impact of inflation on purchasing power and uses real rates of return to assess investment performance
  • Conducts research before investing to protect against financial scam

Sustainable financeA smart investor:

  • Realises that sustainable finance may be referred to in many different ways, such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, socially responsible investing, and impact investing
  • Reviews an investment’s disclosure documents to see how it weighs various ESG or sustainable finance factors
  • Considers whether an investment’s stated approach to sustainable finance matches the investor’s investment goals, objectives, risk tolerance and preferences
  • Understands that each sustainable finance investment opportunity is unique, and should be evaluated on its own terms

For further information:

Visit the World Investor Week 2022 website

View the ‘How to be a Smart Investor’ leaflet

Guide to financial products and services

This year’s key messages build on previous themes including the basics of investing, crypto assets, and the prevention of frauds and scams.

Short videos are available to view at:

Investing Basics

Online and Digital Assets