The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”) publishes statistics on a regular basis, which summarise the size and level of activity within the various sectors of the finance industry in the Isle of Man.

As well as current figures, some historical figures are also included to show how the sectors have developed over recent years.

The Authority’s policy is, subject to the availability of data, to be transparent with industry statistics so that the users of the Island’s products and services can make informed judgements about the markets in which they are dealing.


Date Total Funds Under Management ($ billions)
30/06/23 13.41
31/03/23 13.12
31/12/22 13.25
30/09/22* 12.55
30/06/22 14.86
31/03/22 16.13
31/12/21 17.85
30/09/21 17.14
30/06/21 16.52
30/03/21 15.97
30/12/20 12.94
30/09/20 17.75
30/06/20 17.90
30/12/19 18.62
30/09/19 18.18
30/03/19 18.06

* Up to June 2022, the data in the table included the value of closed ended investment companies for which licenceholders are required to report statistics. From September 2022, the data excludes this information to provide a more accurate picture of the position in respect of services to schemes only.